Collaboration for an Italian Beer

Del Lago Artwork
Type : Ink on paper 300g/m²
Size : 30 x 40 cm

This is a an original and great collab’ project made with Garage Soho for an Italian craft Beer maker Del Lago Beer, located in Guarda lake, the biggest lake of Italy and also a beautifull place.

For this artwork the inspiration was the different colors of blue. To show many kind of reflections in the lake’s water, we choose ink because it is a beautifull medium to create natural and earthy shapes with texture. Ink is diffucult to dompt with the water but it reveal beautifull color shades.
Also to fit with the branding chart colors, i made lot of ink tests on paper.
The final step was to add topographic lines of the Guarda lake, all made with leather and ink.
This artwork will principally stay on the labels of the beer bottles.

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